ISSUE 15 - May/June 2015



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Gas Hoses and Connector Systems

The KEEFLEX S-Core Series has been made using leading technology.

The product has a flexible stainless steel inner core that won't kink and restrict gas flow.

S-Core hoses are becoming extremely popular in the caravan industry.


Keeflex hoses are AGA certified to “best in class”(AS/1869-2012)“Class F” and “Class G”.

The new feature eliminates possible contamination downstream as there are no Phalates or extractable residue in S-core to cause clogging and blockages.


It has a flexible triple layer design, consisting of the pressure tight stainless steel core and stainless steel braid for absorbing mechanical loads which, when combined, offer great safety in tough environments.


The PCV “protective” outer layer offers the highest hygiene standard in the market.


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