ISSUE 15 - May/June 2015



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The solar industry is gathering momentum as more people look to reduce their energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

At the forefront, is Evacuated Tube technology.
It performs much better than traditional ‘flat plate’ collectors as the tubes are extremely efficient because they don’t lose energy in cold weather.

So how do they work? Well the round surface of each tube passively tracks the sun as it moves across the sky, catching and re-directing the sun’s energy inside.


Endless Solar manufactures and supplies Evacuated Tube solar hot water systems that come with a high level support for plumbers.

Discount offer

Endless Solar is offering to licensed plumbers a one off professionals discounted solar system. To take advantage of this offer contact Bradley Jenkins on 1300 889 585 and make reference to Ontime Plumber Magazine.


Opportunity knocks...

Endless Solar also has an innovative loyalty & investment program.
Currently they're accepting interested parties for initial registration.


To apply, send your details, including licence number, business name, contact name, phone number and email to:


For more information go to: