ISSUE 15 - May/June 2015



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Calling Green Plumbers!

If you aren't already, have you thought about becoming a "green" plumber?

In these days of talk about climate change, it can be a good idea to learn more about 'green' plumbing to:

a) Help the environment for the future of the planet and
b) Be a point of difference from other plumbers and so a good marketing tool.


The Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre is offering integrated education and training programs in cutting green house gas emissions, saving water and addressing key issues around climate change and the sustainability of our buildings.

This initiative brings together key industry employee and employer groups along with training bodies to help building designs meet key sustainability requirements now and in the future.


The training includes:

• Green building developments and Greenhouse Gas emission strategies.
This includes innovative industry developments like chilled beam and ceiling technology, hydronic and other heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) initiatives like tri generation.
• Environmental sustainability
• Rainwater harvesting, water treatment & re-cycling
• Solar systems for commercial & residential buildings
• OHS and high risk licences
• Business development

To find out more about this training go to: