ISSUE 15 - May/June 2015



• Endless Solar

• Gas Hoses

• Split Solar

• Reporting Monitor


• Justifying your costs

• Plumbers wanted!

• After the storm

• Legionella testing

• Green Plumbers


• What we've been up to


• This month's joke





How much??

Do you ever get asked why plumbers charge so much?

Well this bloke had a pretty good answer...


A couple having problems with their plumbing called him to come and have a look.

When he arrived, he got under the sink, looked around, and then hit an elbow joint with a hammer as hard as he could.


This fixed the problem and the couple was overjoyed.


They asked how much they owed him and the plumber said $75.25.

"That's ridiculous. All you did was hit a pipe with a hammer. We want an itemised bill."


The plumber took out a piece of paper and wrote:



• 0.25 cents for wear and tear on the hammer.

• $75.00 for knowing where to hit the pipe.