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Apprenticeship reforms

Major overhaul of the apprenticeship system

Up to 21,000 plumbers, electricians and carpenters will be recruited under new reforms to the apprenticeship system.
As part of the reforms, the incentive paid to employers will double.


The new initiative will give businesses who employ an apprentice between Dec 2012 and Feb 2013 an extra $3,350 payment in two installments.

This increases the support to an apprentice from $9500 to $12,850.


The reforms will also help employers of adult apprentices (aged 25 years and over) by replacing weekly payments of $150 to employers in the first year of an adult apprenticeship and $100 in the second year with a one-off bonus payment of $4,000.


Where employees aged 25 years and over are paid under the National Minimum Wage, they will continue to receive $13,000 in additional direct support over two years.


The initiative will ensure the demands of industry are met and that Australians are first in line for jobs, while helping to address the growing demand for skills more efficiently.



Will these reforms encourage you to employ an apprentice?

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