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New Bucket Trap

Grate Seal introduces their latest product.

bucket trapGrate Seal has recently launched its new Watermark approved Bucket Trap.

It is the most cost effective bucket trap on the market and installation is simple:

1. Simply remove the floor waste cover.
2. Insert the flexible housing through the existing floor waste outlet.
3. Lower the basket into the housing and replace the grate.


Grate Seal bucket trap is located below the grate in the drainage riser pipe, which allows any style drainage outlet to be utilised, including trench grating.
When the housing is installed it is flexed against the internal wall of the waste pipe which creates both a seal and a frictional fit. This allows removal for maintenance.

Tony Larkin, owner of Grate Seal says the Bucket Trap uses new materials to provide a better solution.

"Stainless Steel varieties are old technology and don’t allow the removal of the housing for maintenance. This results in the permanent damage of the secondary basket," says Tony.
"The Grate Seal Bucket Trap does not prevent the operation of a fire collar, unlike stainless steel varieties it is constructed of an elastomeric and polymer material which a fire collar can crush and provide the necessary fire barrier," he added.

The finished floor surface, tile, resin, vinyl or any other material is not disturbed due to the Grate Seal Bucket Trap being a separate item from the outlet, being made from a flexible material and installed in the drainage riser pipe.


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