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Polyslab pizza baseAnyone for Pizza?

New Polyslab 'Pizza Bases' enter the hot water market.

Evolve Composites has recently released its new Polyslab Pizza Base.

The Pizza Base is a strong, lightweight hot water system support base that is already proving popular among hot water installers.


The Pizza base is a 'one size fits all' product and comes in 650, 520 and 410mm diameters. The feature of the new bases is the innovative 'snap-away' design.

Installers simply snap away the outer rings for the required size.


Pizza Bases meet the HWS installation standard (ASNZ3500), including the airflow and support ratio as well as corrosion avoidance requirements.


Alyson Dunlop from Evolve Composites said that by positioning a Polyslab Pizza Base between the hot water system base and the supporting surface, legislation needs are easily met.

"Supporting surfaces can include concrete pathways, and they are ideal for safe-tray applications," Alyson said. 


The bases are 12mm thick and are constructed from a strong, long lasting UV stabilised co-polymer material.

Despite being lightweight, the Pizza bases can have a 1000 kilogram load rating - which is enough to accommodate any hot water system on the market.


The Australian made Polyslab base uses 100 per cent recycled materials, so the snap away excess material is able to be recycled.


Another advantage of the 'one size fits all' Pizza base is the significant advantage they provide for distributors by reducing inventory and associated costs by 66 per cent.


Pizza bases are now available through leading plumbing suppliers.


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