ISSUE 1 - NOV/DEC 2012

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• Rinnai commercial HWS


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• WA awards

• Backflow industry group

• Sydney Water policy


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New Rinnai commercial HWS

Rinnai has released its new HEX 250 commercial Hot Water System.

The Hex 250 is designed to cover a broad range of commercial applications including hotels, mining, shower blocks, apartments, commercial kitchens, caravan parks and more.

The consumable hot water is separated from the heat source, which keeps the heat source free of contaminants - ensuring better efficiency and longevity.

The unit stores the heated water in a heavy duty stainless steel tank and the energy is transferred through stainless steel coils.

Thermal energy in the tank reduces the amount of times the heat source is activated, which saves energy and allows for optimum performance.

To read the brochure, click on the link below.



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