ISSUE 1 - NOV/DEC 2012

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In many areas across Australia, the housing and construction industries could be described as flat - and that's being generous!

So with normal local opportunities for employment more limited than usual, it could be a great chance to look at some alternatives.


Go Troppo

Want to work on a tropical island?

Well, you're not Robinson Crusoe - but you could get close.

There are resorts all around the top end of Australia and they all need upkeep.

You could approach some of the bigger islands as a live-in plumber/handyman, or base yourself in a coastal town accessible to several smaller resorts.


The mines

In case you hadn't heard, Australia is chocka-block full of resources and developing nations like India are China are keen to get hold of them.


Despite a recent slowdown, the mining industry is still thriving - and likely to stay that way for years to come. So with the construction and maintenance of mines and supporting infrastructure, there is a constant need for tradesmen - including plumbers.


Working conditions vary, some gigs are fly in fly out, others live in, and others are shorter contracts. The work is usually full on for a couple of weeks, then a week or two off.


penguinLike Penguins?

Here's something a bit out there.

The Australian Antarctic Division recruits for a wide range of jobs - including plumbers - in Antarctica and at Macquarie Island each year.

Periods of employment vary depending on the type of job with summer jobs offered between October and April of the following year.

Winter jobs start as early as July and can run through until December of the following year. Shorter winter jobs sometimes come up, between January and December in the same year.


For more info, go to:


Working in these environments is usually pretty lucrative, so it's a great way of pulling some serious money together.


And hey - a change is as good as a holiday!


After a year or two, you could come back home, start up your own business, buy a home, marry a stunning woman and have 2.5 kids.

(Ontime Plumber life coaching is totally free - but far from guaranteed!).


Have you worked in an unusual place?

Post you comment below...



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