ISSUE 1 - NOV/DEC 2012

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• Overflow relief cap

• Rinnai commercial HWS


• A change is as good as   a holiday!

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• WA awards

• Backflow industry group

• Sydney Water policy


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National Backflow Industry Group

There is no shortage of industry groups, and now there is a specific industry group to represent backflow prevention stakeholders at a national regulatory level.


At the moment, the National Backflow Industry Group is a sub committee of the Backflow Prevention Association of QLD. Local events and meetings are coordinated by local state based members with events and programs being organised in QLD and Victoria.


Ultimately, the NBIG aims to bring all backflow interests across Australia under the one roof.


So if Backflow Prevention is a big part of your business, it might be worth contacting the Chairman, Peter McLennan via the The Backflow Prevention Association Queensland Inc. website:



Is Backflow Prevention a big part of your business?

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