ISSUE 1 - NOV/DEC 2012

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• Anyone for Pizza?

• New bucket trap

• Gas storage for vehicles

• Dux Prodigy range

• Overflow relief cap

• Rinnai commercial HWS


• A change is as good as   a holiday!

• Apprenticeship savings

• WA awards

• Backflow industry group

• Sydney Water policy


• A few basics


• This month's joke...

• Words of wisdom





Anyone for Pizza? 

Sorry, not that kind of Pizza.


New Bucket Trap  

Grate Seal has released a new bucket trap.


Gas Storage for vehicles  

Store-Safe gas cylinder cabinets provide safe transportation of gas cylinders.


Dux Prodigy range  

Dux has launched a new range of energy efficient hot water units.


Overflow relief cap  

Iplex Pipelines launches a new anti-infiltration overflow relief device (ORC).


New Rinnai commercial HWS  

Rinnai has released its new HEX 250 commercial Hot Water System.





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